minecraft pocket edition is the mobile port for minecraft it was first only building game after 0.2.0 it was for advanture in 0.9.0 the game looks like PC but 0.12.0 is going to be like the PC

release Edit

first a video in mojang channel uploaded about mcpe it was the pre release demo after this a trailer for the game released for the current version 0.1.0 then the game released in 0.1.0 after this 0.2.0 survival update was released in 0.9.0 many PC futures like biomes villager and enderman wolf and more in 0.12.0 the game going to be like PC

upcoming update Edit

the upcoming update is going to be 0.13.0 there is alpha builds and the current is build 3

gallery Edit

Gameplay in 0.1.0-0.3.0 multiplayer

gameplay in 0.1.0 in multiplayer server

Minecraft pe 0.2

another gameplay for 0.2.0

Minecraft pe 0.2

gameplay in 0.2.0

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